Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Partnership

Welcome to the online diary of Senhoa! You are cordially invited to follow our progress in Cambodia.

Firstly, I would like to express my enthusiasm for Senhoa’s new partnership with a well-established after-care centre for victims of human trafficking. With Senhoa’s service, the centre’s resources, and our shared dedication to making a difference, we will advance towards a brighter future for the young women of Cambodia.

The story behind our encounter and new-found cooperation is nothing short of a fateful affair.

Once upon a time, Senhoa worked with IJM on police operations to rescue victims of sexual exploitation. The Senhoa staff involved must have left a lasting impression on the rescued girls. Months later, whilst Senhoa was setting its foundation in Cambodia, the most motherly of the Senhoa staff heard her name called out at the local markets. She turned and immediately recognized the stunningly beautiful girl that had been rescued on one of the operations. After some time chatting, the girl brought ‘Mom’ back to her new home. Neither of them was sure if this was proper protocol by way of the shelter’s privacy policies, but considering their previous encounter, they took a chance.

So, Mom was introduced to the manager of the shelter. As it happened, the shelter was looking for a vocational program of our comprehension to implement on the grounds of the centre. We had the plan; they had the space. Why not fuse the two to make further way into the healing of broken youths? Communications were thrown open and the rest is history.

Senhoa is now implementing its Vocational Jewelry Program within this promising partnership. What sets Senhoa’s program apart from others is that its objective is not only to provide girls with an opportunity for income generation. It also aims to equip the girls through a soft-skills curriculum to facilitate their success in life outside of the centre.

We are very excited about this partnership. With this shelter we can maximize our potential to provide the service that is so very needed in this country. Part of our philosophy is passing on the knowledge and compassion to give those girls the chance they may not receive otherwise. This partnership is a blessing on a silver platter. Together, we are bound for great things.

Thank you for joining me on this entry. This is the first of many.

Sincerely Serendipitous

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