Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cocktails, Crystals, Kristine and Cambodia!

It has been a very busy week at the Senhoa US Head Quarters.

Firstly, we had our Cocktails for a Cause at Brodard Chateau in Orange County on 23 September 2010. 85 people turned out on a Thursday afternoon to sip on cocktails, buy jewelry and support Senhoa. We sold nearly $2,500 worth of jewelry from the Senhoa Phoenix range. It was our first event in Orange County so we were a little nervous, but the support was phenomenal! We had singing superstars Nguyen Hong Nhung, Kristine Sa, Tam Doan and Trish join the event. News anchor, Dieu Quyen, from SBTN was also present with her daughter Lala (both of whom have visited Senhoa in Cambodia).

A warm and fuzzy ‘Thanks!’ to Thi, Heather, Nicole, Jenny Van, Uyen Diem, Duc, Kevin Vu, DJ Stress, Jackie Tai and the lovely Senhoa models for making the event what it was. The ‘wows’ and ‘awes’ said enough. A big round of applause to Quynh Anh, our former Country Director in Cambodia, who overcame her fear of public speaking (with the help of two glasses of white wine!) and moved us all with her stories and compassion. And of course, the evening would not have been possible without chi Giao and Brodard Chateau – thank you for your generosity!

In true rock-star fashion, Quynh Anh was immediately shipped off to the airport after the event for her field trip to Cambodia. Quynh Anh and our Creative Director, Jenny Van, are currently in Cambodia, training 18 girls from our partner shelter on the art of jewelry-making and beading. Over the course of one week, they will also train the girls on Senhoa’s upcoming collection called Pavo (but more on that another day!). To prepare for this trip, we worked over time (until midnight on one occasion) ordering supplies and packing beads to bring over to Cambodia. It was insanely busy but wildly fun at the same time. Thank you, Team!

Another wonderful thing that happened recently was Kristine Sa’s new song, Free to Fly. After interviewing Quynh Anh, Kristine was so moved by our work that she wrote a heart-wrenchingly beautiful song called Free To Fly. For a sneak preview, check out the Heart to Heart interview here:!

We have been listening to it nonstop - thank you Kristine! We at Senhoa, sen-cerely love you!

Until next time,

The team at Head Office

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