Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So Singapore, So Senhoa

On the 10th of March 2011 (what? already?!), the Senhoa team paid a visit to Singapore to spread the wonder of our work.

Senhoa was lucky enough to be selected to present at an International Woman’s Day event organized by Accenture, Singapore. We represented the ‘humanitarian’ sector for the one-day, sit-down event at the Marriot Hotel hosting up to 250 Executives from Accenture and BHP.

The objective of the event was to acknowledge the fast-rising empowerment of women around the world, including those in the developing world. We had 25 minutes to take the stage and make known the issue of human-trafficking and what Senhoa is doing about it to our well-to-do Singaporean Corporate counterparts.

Senhoa had a representative from the Field in Cambodia and one from Head-Office. It was a new experience for the Field. For one, being out of Siem Reap and back amongst skyscrapers, taxi ranks and well-dressed people. And secondly seeing the support side of Senhoa- the promotion and jewelry sales!

There was an emotional moment during the set up of the jewelry. Having seen the hands from which the collection has bloomed and then seeing it displayed in a show room in a 5-Star Business Hotel in Singapore… the pride that swelled manifested into tears!

Posing with our display set up with our information booth

Original designs by our girls

The Senhoa collection being displayed by the Accenture team

Fussing over the display. A proud moment.

The Field presented first, addressing the issue of human-trafficking, speaking from first-hand experience with the survivors and our implementation of the program to the most practical standard. The Field spoke about the girls regaining worth by being associated with beauty, provided with the foundations for learning, and being exposed them to a more meaningful world. The audience was completely engaged. There were lots of nods of acknowledgement, head shakes of disbelief, smiles of appreciation. And then HO brought it home with the ‘how you can help’ pitch- by purchasing Senhoa Jewelry! Being glamorous with a conscience. HO was the drive behind the sale of jewelry, eloquently reasoning the benefits of ‘giving back’ whilst still being fashionable.

A moment of pause for personal reflection

The response was positive. The Senhoa information stall was surrounded by women interested in the finer details about the program in Cambodia who wanted to know how else they could contribute to the cause. Every piece of jewelry was touched and tried on resulting in over $4000 of sales! However, the proudest moment was when nearly all of the original jewelry pieces, designed and made by the girls SOLD OUT.

Congratulations, Senhoa! For an immensely successful trip in Singapore. We created awareness to a new audience, we sold lots of jewelry, and The Field and HO were finally able to come together physically to work side-by-side!

Over and Out from,

The Field

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