Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Normerica: Canadian Compassion for Cambodia

I have spent a bit of time on our blog writing about the staff and volunteers who have shaped and changed this organization. Today, I would like to dedicate this post to our donors, who are the lifeline of our work and without them; we would not be able to fund our programs. In particular, I want to focus on one very special group of donors - Normerica Inc. and its employees.

Senhoa girls with a banner they made during Arts & Craft for the Normerica team.

Mr. John Kimmel is the inspirational CEO of Normerica Inc., a company whose goal is to enhance the wellbeing of pets, people, and the environment by providing earth-friendly, premium quality, and innovative pet products (www.normericainc.com). Mr. Kimmel and his employees have supported Senhoa not only through generous donations from the company, but also through employee fundraising events like “Jean Fridays”. During our Global Giving challenge, the employees of Normerica were instrumental in helping Senhoa secure a place on www.globalgiving.org.

The Normerica team at their Toronto Head Office. On the wall is the banner from our girls.

Words cannot express enough our gratitude to the Normerica team. We are privileged that you have entrusted us with your resources and we promise that we are and will do everything in our capacity to deliver your compassion to those in need. We are working tirelessly in the field and at Head Office to reach as many service users as we can and to make a visible difference in the lives of vulnerable women and children.

Again, on behalf of the Senhoa staff, volunteers and service users, I want to send a deep and sen-cere “Thank You” to the team at Normerica Inc.

Thank You Normerica!!!!!

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